How Digital Marketing Transforms Real Estate Industry In 2021

It is true that after seeing the property in person, people will make a final decision. However, investors are likely to conduct thorough research prior to viewing the properties. Having  said that, it’s ideal that you, as a realtor, have a strong online presence.

In addition, digital conveniences can help brokers make the purchasing process much easier for their customers. As a Real Estate broker, you can give your potential customers a tour of the properties you sell online. Then you can make the paperwork process easier without having to go to your office.

Real Estate Online marketing has not completely changed the market. However, real estate developers have been increasing their focus on online marketing for years to come as it not only keeps their pipeline of potential clients filled but also creates a system  to generate leads on auto-pilot without having to do tedious cold calling.

The transition occurred due to consumers switching from the traditional approach to a variety of digital tools. Buyers now tend to browse Google properties or use an app that makes everything simple.

7 Ways that Digital Marketing will Change the Real Estate Market

1. Visibility

Many commercial or residential projects differ in scale, cost and venue. With that in mind, digital presence is becoming a critical mission.

In order to remain at par with the evolving scene, electronic marketers need to remain in line with the progressive trends of technology.

When you as a Real-Estate broker/Agent/Business get involved in showing up in almost every platform like Facebook for ads, Getting Ranked On Google, Linkedin Outbound & Inbound Marketing  & Twitter gives you extra added advantage not only sell your properties and listing asap but helps build trust and your listing sells more faster as compared to your competitors. 

For example lets’s say you have a potential client who is looking to invest in either residential or commercial property and when he receives  e-mail through your automated e-mail marketing campaign he sees your business name or you as a broker and then he goes and logs on to any social media platform he sees you again there… I hope i have made my point clear and you get it that how you can impact the buying decision of your potential client.

Moreover if anyone comes to you after having seen you everywhere he already knows that you are the one whom he wants to deal with.

This way you get more closer to your potential and the ball is already in your court even before your sales pitch hence getting you in a position to close more deals.


Social networking is a reliable and most popular medium of generating leads since it lets you target only those whom interest clings with yours and they become your potential client. Several organisations still do not fully understand how highly successful these programmes have ended up being.

Social Media Ads are mostly the first preference of most of our prospects for not only lead generation but branding as well and that can be understood because who is not on social media scrolling through the feeds. As of 2019 and 2020, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 145 minutes per day, up from 142 minutes in the previous year.

A number of fresh offerings from large networks have made it possible to reach audiences more directly and efficiently than in the past. These fresh deals will include geofencing and better retargeting.

The key to maximize this is to build advanced social ventures that use a wide range of techniques and styles. Realtors investing in advanced social methods are more likely to find excellent ROI for their money.

This technology enables advertisers to monitor their ad placement and ensure that their customers click on their advertisements. As a result, customer experience data becomes more reliable and re-labeled. Having said that, your marketing assets are not going to be wasted.

Because of its open nature, it allows users greater control over whether and how their personal information is used by marketers. They are likely to share their personal data when they trust you. It lets you better know more about them even before you sit with your buyer or investor to close the deal.


These methods have been around for a long time now. The technology includes speech, text, and messages that can be used to communicate directly to your potential clients. Chatbots are used for longer than virtual reality. But now and in the coming years, it’s taking the spotlight.

The chatbot market will have an annual growth rate of more than 24 per cent in business like yours. It is projected to hit $1.25 billion a few years from now. Most companies now use chatbots as part of their customer service, signups, generating leads.

In reality, some messaging apps use bots to promote listings and any services related it. The apps provide chatbots to help brands promote their listing and services while offering customised customer support experience.

It’s a good technology because it can respond quickly and accurately to the client’s questions without you having to spend your valuable time on the phone. They can also collect information about their users. These data are useful in enhancing engagement with them.

chat, message, instant messaging

Chatbots provide a more open way of communicating with your existing clients and your potentials clients without you being present at that spot.

Generating leads and booking appointments on auto-pilot is becoming a new trend since it gives you a lot of free time to get involved in closing more deals which is the backbone of your business

Almost every client of ours has some sort of chat automation depending on their current needs.


As a landlord, for example, there’s not enough time for you to do digital marketing on your own. Lead Generation for your real estate business or your listing needs you to be more engaging, create more content, and customise more.

But time is not enough for your situation. Because you cannot do everything being an owner and employee at the same time However, you can make more effective use of the time you have. That’s why Lead Generation for landlord automation system & Platform is important to your to accomplish more at a very less time.

ecommerce, selling online, online sales

With the right setup, you can automate your many marketing tasks, such as running email campaigns, Scrapping data/email address of your target audience delivering targeted campaigns, etc. The good news is that these resources will be more accessible in 2021 and with us it is so easy that all you have to do is book a call and see the magic happen in real time.


People want true and genuine experiences. That’s why your potential clients are likely to believe a real person over the ad you’re showing. And this is where the marketing of influencers becomes useful. It’s not expensive and is also so much efficient to generate leads on auto-pilot.

If you use it in your real estate marketing, you need to find influencers who can reach out to your right consumers. To further assist your campaign, you can use an apt hashtag that your clients can quickly recall.

Digital real estate marketing is useful. However, you need to consider your target audience first. You can also get support from the best real estate marketing firms in the United States. In this way, you can fine-tune your online branding to build a consistent online identity that can enable your brand to become recognizable.

People who find or rent property using the Internet. Having said that, it is more important to have a good internet presence as a real estate agent.

6. Augmented Reality:

The biggest problem with real estate marketing is that clients need to see the property in person before they make a final decision. The good news is, you can apply augmented reality to your digital marketing.

There are many resources that allow you to take a virtual tour of assets. They will show your clients what a certain building project would look like when it’s completed.

Virtual tours of the neighborhood are now considered appropriate.

The explanation for this is that tours will make your clients feel like they are in the local area. They make it possible for them to understand how they would feel if they were living in the property and the neighborhood.

Technology companies are now launching toolkits that make augmented offerings even simpler. In this situation, the increased technology will become more available in 2021. You need to consider technical changes to the digital marketing strategy for real estate. 

Applying Augmented reality on your website will increase the chances for you to sell the listing or estates faster and will give you a chance to move on to your new project giving you an edge in competition.


Blockchain technology is now disrupting how the world sees finance and monetary processes. Rentberry, for example, is a rental platform that uses this technology to simplify the rental process for landlords and tenants. But the benefits of this technology are now also being used in digital marketing.

The real estate industry has been affected by blockchain technology in a number of ways, including providing a new way for buyers and sellers to communicate. Blockchain may be used to exclude intermediaries from real estate transactions, lowering prices.

Real estate has long been regarded as an illiquid asset because transactions take time to complete. 
This isn’t the case for cryptocurrencies and tokens, which can potentially be quickly exchanged for fiat currencies. 
Real estate, on the other hand, can be conveniently exchanged as tokens. 
In order to get some money out of their property, seller does not have to wait for buyer who can afford the whole property.
The real estate industry has been affected by blockchain technology in number of ways, including by providing new way for buyers and sellers to communicate. Blockchain technology may be used to exclude middlemen from real estate transactions, lowering prices.This technology can also assist in the codification of the practise of fractional real estate ownership. 


Take Away Points:

Try to use all the mediums if possible to be in-front of your potential clients regardless of platforms to keep your pipeline of leads and appointments filled up because the time is close when people would only do business whom the know only and even if that is not the case it gives you an extra edge as compared to your competitors.

The more closer you are to your potential clients the better is it for you to close deal as this helps you get more data before your final pitch


Researching helps you target your potential clients in a better way and you know very well where they hangout on internet and you can show them your ads when they are ready to deal with you helping you save you tons of money that gets wasted during running ads or paying any agency who is taking care of your social media or online ads

There is no harm in hiring an agency or someone in-house or hire an expert to consult you through this online game so that you can focus more towards what you do best.

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