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Website Development

Website Development

A website is a set of related web pages, multimedia content which are stored under a single domain.

Static Website.

A static website is a most basic type of website which has limited web pages with fixed content, audio, video and it is coded using HTML and CSS. This type of website shows static information to all visitors and the information will be non-interactive. You can add information about your company, products and services.These Static websites can be edited using Text editors, like Notepad or Text Edit.

Dynamic Website.

A dynamic website which customises itself automatically or real-time. These web pages are coded with PHP or ASP. Dynamic web pages contain server code which allows the server to generate unique content at all the time when the page is loaded with the same source code.

Most large websites we see in market are dynamic and they are easy maintain where as static websites contain same content and if you wish to change any contain you have to manually open, edit, and publish. On the other hand dynamic pages, access information from database and to change the content, webmaster has to only update a database record. This is very helpful for giant or large sites that contains hundreds or thousands of pages.  It also makes job easy for multiple users to edit or update the content of a website without actually changing layout of the pages. 

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