Smart Ways to Generate Leads Using Social Media

Smart Ways to Generate Leads Using Social Media

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20 Smart Ways with which you can Generate more Leads for your Business.



Directly Engage With Leads

Direct customer engagement has to be one of your prime priorities. Most businesses prefer to go with in-direct engagement – such as FAQs. This is the most inefficient way to engage. Directly-Engage-To-Generate innumerable leads. Direct engagement, on the opposite hand, make use of live chat, forums and help centers – where customer service delegates are present all the time to make sure every query is handled fitly. More engaged customers result in immeasurable word-of-mouth and more leads.



Station Outbound & Inbound Marketing

According to the latest stats, outbound marketing is nevertheless much more effective than inbound marketing. But, it does not mean that you forget about inbound marketing. Look to expand both approaches in a balanced manner as this will be helpful in generating leads and eventually boosting your business. From an inbound perspective – personalize your email communication and get active in online communities by regularly sharing informative content as well as solving and reverting back to common customer problems/queries. This will help you stabilize healthy relationships with your customers and strengthen many more new leads.


Invest In Innovative Technology

Brand-new technology sets the trend in the market. For example, smartphones are trending all over the world. Subsequently, most people access their mail or browse websites through smartphones or tablets; this shows that you should invest in making your marketing efforts compatible with these devices, enabling you to reach the maximum amount of customers. In nutshell, you should keep an eye on emerging technology, online channels, and platforms through which you can get more new leads for your business.



Discover Leads On Linkedin, Twitter And Facebook

Twitter is not only a social networking website but also a source of potential leads for your company. With the help of Followerwonk, you can analyze aspects such as; information about followers, at what time your followers tweet, etc., so that you can reach the audience that is associated with your niche. generate more leads on Twitter Followerwonk helps you find influencers and connect with them. It also has a great interface as does LinkedIn with Connectors and Facebook via Groups and Pages then FB Ads.



Develop & Optimize Informative Content

It is indisputable that awesome content can be a great source of the web traffic – which will result in more leads but it needs to be informative and to the point. Develop & Optimize Informative Content to generate more leads - High-quality content can be an asset for you as it attracts traffic to your website well beyond its publish date. Try to include images, video, and infographics to increase share counts and engagement.



Make Your Tweets Buzz

If feasible, include images with your Tweets, they have a way of making things more interesting and engaging to your customers. Plus, use hashtags so your content is accessible and easier for searchers. The more frequently you are found, the more leads you will get.



Drill Into Databases

Data.Com is a tremendous database where you can find potential leads for your business. It maintains a list of companies with correct contact information so that in the least time you can identify relevant leads. As provides an extensive set of data instantly, it can contribute to a 25% increase in sales.



Market Through Linkedin

As we all know, LinkedIn is a business-centric social networking website. It can prove to be a great platform for bringing new clients to your business too. LinkedIn also allows users to publish content to the previously engaged audience.



Automate Your Marketing

What about a tool for getting more leads?

Drip is an app that offers marketing automation by the form of a well-designed popup, email marketing and more. You can accumulate the information from your prospective customers and turn them into genuine leads on autopilot. Another lead generation task you should contemplate automating is your social media marketing. For example, SM experts use social media administration tool Agorapulse to automate their Twitter activity.



The process includes these key ClickSaffron steps.

Step 1: Create the relevant queuing categories in Agorapulse

Step 2: Build the time slots to be spread through the day

Step 3: Combine content to your content queues!



Answer Questions On Google/Quora

Quora is a Question & Answer based social networking site with millions of people from diverse demographics posting daily questions. If you respond enough questions of users, they will spot your profile and most likely check out your website. Solve Query on Quora to generate extra new leads



Comment On Other Blogs

Writing comments on blogs can be helpful in getting your name out there and eventually generating leads. Be considerate and reasonable with your comments and people will want to see what you have to offer. Blog-Comment - generate more leads



Start A Guest Blog

Guest blogging can be effective for lead generation but only when the following aspects are suitably implemented:

  1.     Articles have relevant information for the audience.
  2.     You send people back to an appropriate landing page on your site
  3.     The post maintains unique information
  4.     You actively encourage the post to leverage social proof
  5.     The site you want to blog for is well respected by your audience



Use Email Marketing

Email marketing features the notion of direct engagement. While developing email content to generate leads, you need to take into the account the following:

Subject line: The headline must be enticing so that it makes the recipient want to read the content. The subject line should address the problems that your potential leads are generally enduring.


Concise: The content of the email should be concise, fleeting and appealing. Incorporate social media: Blend social media links in your emails, so that the browsers can easily be redirected to your social media page.


Embed images: An image can speak more than 1000 words; thus, it is a good idea to embed pictures or illustrations as well as text in your emails. (Hint: Try to include lightweight pictures, so that email content loads faster)


 Integrate a call-to-action button: CTAs are most powerful at the top half of the email.



Don’t Forget Your Signature

Make your email signature effective by embedding a link that redirects the reader to relevant content. With the help of link integration, the chance of maximum web traffic flow towards your content will be higher. If you implement HTML coding in your emails, make sure to test it on all the platforms to make sure that everything is working fine. Effective Email Signature to generate more leads



Create A Game App If Your Business Is Into Games

Depending on your audience, but many statistics suggest that people spend more time on game apps rather than reading blogs. Seeing people are active, it may be possible to use a game app to bring leads to your business. But, it can only be possible, if you build a creative game that can directly shift the web traffic towards your business. This can be quite an expensive adventure especially if you are offering the app for free – but it will definitely add a unique element to your marketing efforts.



Participate In Forums

Forums are the perfect place to get to know your customers more intimately. The better you know your customers, the easier it is to contact them with a potential offer. Be active on forums, share your views with the members and answer their questions.



Interview Influencers

Reach out to influencers who your customers respect and interview them for your blog or social channels. Keep it as simple as possible by asking short/sharp questions, and then ask them to share the final product. Your potential customers will see this as proof of your credibility and increase your chance of attracting new leads.



Share Videos On YouTube

YouTube is not just a video hosting service, it’s a massive search engine. It is more popular than any other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. As compared to other social networking platforms, all the posts remain there for a very long time. Thus, this is the best channel for sending referral web traffic in the long-term. This platform enables you to create and maintain your own channel where you can share videos regarding particular events, imperative tutorials, and other things. This will help you stand out from your competitors and attract more leads to your business.



Offer A Free Software Tool On Your Site

If you can offer an easy-to-use software tool on your site, for free, it will build trust with your audience. One example is the website analyzer available on Neil Patel’s blog Quick Sprout. Or for another example, check out Agorapulse’s free social media marketing tools for Facebook and Twitter: More trust inevitably means more leads.




Add A Quiz To Your Blog

Posting a quiz to your blog can make your content engaging and draw more attention from an online audience. In fact, it can easily entice the readers to share their feedback about your blog and article. This will also help you establish a stronger relationship with your audience and get more leads in the long term. There is a free tool called QuickBox that helps you create a quiz in a few easy steps and publish it on your blog.



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