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As pretty obvious that any such initiative would have taken you to hire an agency or auditor to get such an in-depth report which we are giving you for free with a complete motive to help you so that you can implement it in your business and grow faster and may be some day we can work together down the line

Kristen Moore

Realtor & Broker

The report was amazing and it really took me a while to figure out few terms however i wrote to them and surprisingly got an e-mail that turned into a call which was amazingly very helpful.


Eye opener how much we were leaving money on the table. The Report was amazing and i got my marketing team on it to implement it the day i got it. We are thinking to get a funnel designed soon. Thanks a lot click saffron

Joel Foxx

Owner Real Estate Agency



Really Helpful Guide


Thanks Khalid!


Helped Me Alot


Great Work. Thanks!

Hey, I'm Khalid R. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist & Lead Generation Funnel Mapper, Hacker & Builder.

While working with many clients in buy/sell home space in real-estate we have generated a report which will help you figure out what to do with your website, funnels & marketing

This Report aka, Guide Will Help You For -

Get the Focused Key Secrets with This Guide AKA REPORT

It’s not only a report but it’s a guide which will empower you find the missing piece of the puzzle and in the worst case scenario it will help you know the recent competitor’s activity in the marketing with just a click of a button.


Secret One

Analyze The Design & Lay Out Of The Website & Funnels & Note Down The Improvements


Secret Two

Write Down All The Performing Keywords And Check At What Positions The Keywords Make Rank The Website Or Marketing Funnel On Google


Secret Three

Have A Note Of Traffic Source & Implement That Like If Your Competitor Is Getting More Result On Facebook Or Google You gotta Stick To That To Start WIth


Secret Four

Note Down Everything You Can And Try To Implement As Much As You Can & If You Want Any Assistance Please Do Let Us Know At

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