Benefits of Infographics in Digital Marketing

Benefits of Infographics in Digital Marketing

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The current level of online technology people have right now is nothing but spectacular. Just imagine how much information is generated on a daily basis. According to researchers, it can reach upto 1.5 billion individual instances or units of content. Infographic plays a important role in digital marketing. 

If you’re struggling with your content marketing and are generating little or no relevant traffic that will convert into paying customers, then you need to greatly consider using Infographics as part of your digital marketing arsenal. There is just one simple rule to remember, and that is to give your targeted audiences a great sense of value, and the following will tell you that Infographics should indeed be part of your content marketing campaigns.



1) Infographics Can Easily Catch Your Targeted Audiences’ Attention

Humans are visual creatures and because of this people are easily attracted to visual elements that attract their attention. People need the “optic nerve” activated in order to process the more than 90% of information that comes into one’s mind, and all these are visual information. If words fail to capture the attention and imagination of your audiences, then perhaps visual elements like Infographics can do the job better.


2) Infographics Can Increase Your Brand Awareness 

Infographics are designed to include relevant information about the creators which usually include the logo, website address, email or even contact information. This is truly a very effective way to increase your brand awareness and if used properly can easily increase your traffic by at least 12%, as what some publishers have experienced in their campaigns. Infographics goes beyond merely “telling” people about what your brand, products or services are – it “shows” them with visual content which is far more effective than mere paragraphs of text. 


3) Infographics Can Make Your Content Really Go Viral 

Information compiled by MDG Advertising highlighted that for content marketing, materials with visual elements like compelling images or graphics can generate 94% more views than simple text or content that does not contain any images. The same report also highlighted that press releases can generate up to 14% increase in page views if the article published contains a photograph. If the press release can include both photos and videos, an even greater 48% increase in viewership can be expected.


4) Infographics Can Increase Your Search Marketing Results 

As Infographics go viral, the highly beneficial impact such occurrences can bring to a particular business is better search marketing results. Infographics not only are designed with your contact information, sharing or embedding the material in social media or other online channels can generate important backlinks to you. This is true if your Infographic gets syndicated and used by other websites for their content, which they can do so as long as they link back to the source – you!


5) Infographics can Help You Increase Your Subscribers and Followers

The power of visual content can really be witnessed just by making a quick glance at your Facebook newsfeeds and walls. Notice that interesting pictures, and this includes really well-created Infographics, generate more likes, comments and shares than any ordinary text updates. This can be a very effective way of generating more subscribers and followers to your social media pages, reaching an even broader audience reach each time your Infographic gets shared.


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