What Is the importance of Ecommerce SEO in 2019

What Is the importance of Ecommerce SEO in 2019

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In Today world, eCommerce websites and are increasing gigantically every year. According to report from VPN Mentor, there are about 1.24 billion websites world wide. Every day a new website is getting added to world wide web even the brick and mortar shops have decided to come online, to increase their visibility, brand, products, serrvices and widening their growth prospects. The competition is on the level and you need to be updated with changes in the SEO world.


The Moto of building e-commerce site is to attract visitors and generate sales and SEO plays main role in increasing visitors to e-commerce site and E-commerce SEO is to make sure your product pages appear on top ten organic search results.

Voice search is definitely one of the most important eCommerce SEO tips that you should be implementing in 2019. Currently, 41 % of adults does atleast one voice search per day and which is expected to increase exponentially. By 2020, voice searches are expected to increase for 50% of all online queries and you should optimize your e-commerce site accordingly.


User experience (UX) is always taken on first priority. Speed, simple to operate plays an important role in ranking your site. You should consider and implement these strategies to optimise your eCommerce site.


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