Is Social Media Is Really Helpful In Branding

Is Social Media Is Really Helpful In Branding

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Social media can be a clear way to show off your company’s personality to the rest of the world. The easiest way to do this is to establish a tone of voice for your brand and share (relevant) opinions. New fashion campaign released? Let your followers know what you think! Not only will this make your social media feed sound interesting, it also lets potential clients know that they’re dealing with humans rather than just a company. Who knows, you may spark an interesting conversation with a potential prospect. Another way to show off your personality on social media is to vary your post formats. What do you want your brand to be known for on social media?


360 videos – one of the newest video formats to the social-sphere. If you’re focussing on Facebook and have a 360 camera, then these can be extremely effective in grabbing your audience’s attention.

Go-Pro style videos – action-packed, fast-paced and great for helping your audience immerse themselves in your content; what’s not to love about this style of video?


Cinemagraphs – wanting a change from a flat image? Cinemagraphs are perfect for focussing on one aspect of a piece of footage and are extremely eye-catching to look at.


Build relationships- Taking the time to research which social media platforms your target audience are on can be extremely beneficial when it comes to developing relevant relationships. If you’re targeting the right people, it gives you the opportunity to provide them with a great customer service experience.

 A good experience = brand loyalty!

Facebook: 93% of users aged 16-24 use at least one Facebook product (Facebook,WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram)

Twitter: 29% of users are between the ages of 16-24.

LinkedIn: People aged between 25-34 years are the most active on this platform. This probably wouldn’t be the best choice if you’re trying to target the younger generation! 


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