Best Tips of SEO for Voice Search in 2019

Best Tips of SEO for Voice Search in 2019

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Voice search allows us to search by verbally asking exact keyword in natural language. We all know that search game has already began and the giant search engine Google assert that 50% of searches will happen using voice search by 2020. 

Are you prepared for this dramatic change in SEO?

All your customers are now doing a voice search to find product and services and if you are not yet prepared for it then you are losing your potential as well as existing customer.

Keywords have always played a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization and the keywords for voice SEO may not always be same. So you can now prepare the Answer Box for the following kinds of searches :

Foundation of SEO remains the same like, Domain Authority, Speed and Ranking. 

  1. Researching Keywords and Optimizing.
  2. How-to guides
  3. FAQ
  4. Question-based queries
  5. Processes
  6. Requirements
  7. Calculations and conversions
  8. Health (particular symptoms of illnesses)
  9. Optimize for Local Search
  10. Optimizing for Mobile Voice Searches
  11. Creating an action plan

Here, You have to add long-tail questioning keywords, It should contain lists of words or short words which enables google to understand easily. Using these you can be on top of your competitors. As technology is making life easy by delivering things fast and convenient in less time. We have to keep pace with the changing technology and trend.

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