Best Tips and Strategies for SEO in 2019

Best Tips and Strategies for SEO in 2019

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Search Engine optimization(seo) is the field where changes and updates happens frequently and it is directly propostional to google's alogrithm updates. Hence changes in google Algorithm are important to implement and optimize the website.

All the basic strategies remains the same with few getting added and few getting scraped. Somehow, it has become a hard task to decide which techniques to implement and which to toss out.

Below is the list of best tips and strategies for seo in 2019 for you to improve your site ranking without getting hit by google algorithm update.

1. Keep Quality Content is the King of SEO

Always write high quality Content or Catchy Content on your website because Content is considered as KING for Search Engine Optimization as it Directly Impact on your Website Ranking so that more and more peoples should engaged  and reads your content frequently. This will directly benefit you to convert those visitor into customer.

2. Mobile Indexing of Your Website

These days almost all searches happens on Mobile and you cannot ignore this trend, You have to index your website for the mobile versions.You can also monitor crawlbot traffic to your site where you will see an increase in traffic from smartphone googlebot.

3. Improve Speed by developing Responsive Website

Speed is the new big and it makes first impression of your business. Low speed website are most frustrating and turn people off about your resource.

4. Use Voice Search Optimization
Voice Search Play a quite important role in Search engine optimization because no body have that much of time in todays era . So peoples use voice search to find your business. So to optimize your website for voice search i.e you have to use long tail keywords so that google can easily understand what you are searching for. 

5. Implement SSL Security to impove Authority.
SSL security is very important in term of Search engine Optimization because google give more importance to these websites which are HTTPs optimized.

6. Blog and add video contents
Adding blogs and video ontent on your websites make your webpage intresting so that more peoples visits your website and know more about your business. 

7. Social Shares and Link Building to improve SEO
Sharing content on social media improves yourbrand awareness socially and increase your social engagement. 

8. Develop the best UI/UX design 
Developing your websites user friendly by improving your website UI/UX designing so that loading speed of website improves. 


Search engine Optimization is very important in todays world because everyone want to be on top. SEO basically helps to improve your business visibility on online channels so that peoples can easily go through with business. 
ClickSaffron is one of the famous Organization that provides you quality Search engine optimization services in India which helps your business to improve from brickstone to clickstone on web search result page. 

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